Life changes

  After being complacent and scared for years, I decided to do something. I decided to change careers. I made the decision to try to go into a sales position. This meant I had to learn something new and take an exam to become licensed.

This was a difficult thing to do for someone who has not been in school for years and are in their forties. It took me a few months and there were times when I wanted to give up. But I continued to study and scheduled my exam. A couple of days before the exam, I got cold feet and rescheduled.

I eventually took the exam and passed. The thing that stuck with me was the feeling relieved. Between working full time and studying was taking its toll. I no longer had to study! Until I start training in my new field. I have given my resignation and am tying up loose ends at my old job before I start my new career.

It is a scary time, change is always scary at first but I see the possibilities for the first time in years. 

Marc Almond: Today’s inspiration 

I’m still fairly new to this blogging thing and of course I am procrastinating already. This is due to laziness and what I see is lack of creativity on my part. I ran across some lyrics I stenciled on some canvas a few years ago and this one in particular, is from one of my favorite songs from Marc Almond called Only the Moment. Which resonates with me today. I can overthink situations especially if it means being vulnerable.

The song is about taking chances in life before it’s too late. This song inspires me to continue my efforts at being creative and to stop overthinking everything. I thought I had a lot of time to figure things out and now I realize that I have to put in some work and take some chances. This means finding inspiration anywhere and how I can. What inspires you?

Styling transitioning hair

Since I lost my hairstylist in September, I have continued to try and style my own hair. I usually go for easy styles because I usually do not have the patience or the ability to come up with creative styles. I used to curl the ends of my hair with the flat iron, throw a head band on or put my hair in a pony tail. These are all damaging to black hair and I noticed some breakage in the summer of 2013. My best friend suggested that it might time to stop getting my hair relaxed and I sighed and said she might be right. I continued to relax my hair every 3-4 months and alternate with braids. One of the things I realized was that wearing a head band everyday was breaking my hair off and I stopped wearing them. My best friend sent me YouTube tutorials on how to care for hair and do protective hairstyles.

I am addicted to watching the tutorials and I do try out these styles and sometimes, I add my own touch.My hair is transitioning from relaxed to natural, which can be difficult. I continue to take care of and style my own hair even though I have trouble with styling and get frustrated.